About Us

The Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators

The Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators (TIArb) was registered in December 1999 by the Registrar of Societies with a Certificate of Registration No. 8833.The main function of TIArb is to promote and facilitate the resolution of commercial disputes in Tanzania. Before its establishment, The National Construction Council (NCC) had been undertaking such a responsibility for the construction related disputes only.

In 1995, the National Construction Council (NCC) consulted the A.G. Chambers and the Tanganyika Law Society regarding the establishment of a commercial arbitration institution. Originally, NCC had been resolving construction–related disputes only. However, it saw the importance of spear heading the establishment of an institutional frame work for resolving not only construction related disputes but also commercial disputes as a whole. Hence, on 6th July 1995, NCC organized a brainstorming meeting involving 20 invitees, which subsequently formed the Steering Committee, to develop a frame work for the settlement of all types of commercial disputes.

The Steering Committee prepared a draft constitution, which was reviewed by the first General Meeting held on 25th October, 1995, as the guiding framework of a new arbitration organization. On 15thJuly, 1997, TIArb was registered by the Registrar of Societies with a Certificate Registration SO. No.8833. Two years later, on 10th December, 1999, the Tanzania Institute of Arbitrators (TIArb) was formally launched by Honourable Francis Nyalali (the former Chief Justice of Tanzania).

Founder Members of TIArb

1. Ambwene T.H. Mwakyusa
2. Kesogukewele M.1.M. Msita
3. Prof. Gamaliel Mgongo Fimbo
4. Kaisi E. Kalambo
5. Frederick S. Ringo
6. Eng. Kumbwaeli W. Salewi
7. Stephen Raphael Buramu
8. Typhone D. Rutazamba
9. Ntando Saidi Daudi Nkinga
10. Hamza Y. Zakari
11. Adonis Mwijage Kamala
12. Shainul Akbel Bhanji (Ms)
13. Arch. Aloyse Peter Mushi
14. Renatus Katemana
15. Burton A.N. Nsemwa
16. Verdiana Nkwabi Macha (Ms)
17. Adv. Mtango Jotham Lukwaro
18. Boniface Charles Muhegi
19. Hyacintha Benedict Makileo (Ms.)


To be an institution of choice for commercial arbitration and dispute resolution.


To promote and facilitate expedient resolution of commercial disputes through arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Governing Council


Madeline C. Kimei

Vice President

Nuhu Mkumbukwa

Honorary Secretary

Happiness Mchaki

Honorary Treasurer

Joseph T. Tango


Larissa Leach


Usaje Mwambene


Frank Mwalongo

IMM. Past President

Mtango J.A Lukwaro

Executive Secretary

Dorine Nyambiji

Panel of Arbitrators

1. Adv.Mtango Jotham Lukwaro
2. Arch. Aloyce Peter Mushi
3. Judge (rtd) Augusta Gladys Bubeshi
4. Eng.Immanuel N.Kimambo
5. Arch.Kaisi E.Kalambo
6. Eng.Kumbwaeli W.Salewi
7. Judge (rtd)Thomas B.Mihayo
8. Qs: Adonis Mwijage Kamala
9. Adv.Frederick Shadrack Ringo
10. Adv. Nuhu S.Mkumbukwa
11. Adv.Madeline C.Kimei
12. Adv. Asajile L.Mwakalundwa
13. Eng. Adv,Menye D.Manga
14. Adv.Thomas J.Massawe
15. Adv.Juvenalis Joseph Ngowi
16. Adv.Gamaliel Mgongo Fimbo
17. Adv.Jacqueline M.Kapinga
18. Adv.Rugambwa Cyril Pesha
19. Eng.Hyacintha Benedict Makileo
20. Eng.Larissa Leach
21. Adv.Happiness W.Mchaki
22. Adv.Usaje Mwambene
23. Adv.Christina llumba
 24 Judge.Regina M.Rweyemamu (rtd)
25. Adv. Theophil Kimaro
26. Adv.Athman H.M.Mtengeti